Jessica and Corey’s Engagement

From the very beginning when I met Jessica and Corey we bonded immediately when I found out they were parents to identical twin girls also! That was so cool because I haven’t met very many people at all that have that and can relate. In our excitement I talked about my girls and they talked about theirs, now seven years old and gave me some great tips! 

During the consultation it was apparent that their personalities were so down to earth and are loving people. But what I appreciated the most was that they trusted me with one of the most important days of their lives.

I asked them how they met because that’s my favorite thing to want to learn about my couples, the stories are always so beautiful and unique and I feel so giddy inside like when I watch a love story movie ?

They told me they met on a cruise and they were inseparable ever since! They knew that they were meant for each other and Jessica made the move from California to Georgia and they got engaged to be married this year!

As I got to see them again to do their engagement session I was already comfortable with them as if I had known them longer. And they were so easy to work with! They love to laugh and have a good time! What more could I have asked for than these two love birds as my clients ❤️

We had to reschedule the engagement session so many times because of the rain but finally it was the time to do it and even though it had rained a little bit that day, it didn’t rain long and the temperature was almost 60°. We were so blessed to be able to do the engagement session in the middle of January no less.

Corey and Jessica you guys rocked the engagement session and I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day!!!!