Engagement Session at Berry College in Rome, Georgia

I met Janna at church a couple of years ago. She is also a photographer and she takes some amazing pictures! 

When I got to know her I was truly drawn to her heart. Besides the facts that she loves cats too, she is so compassionate and loving. I just instantly connected with her.

When she asked me to take some couple’s pictures I was so stocked! That’s when I got the chance to meet Jordan and let me tell you, he is just awesome as she is!

I just love how he will do anything for her. He will take a thousand pictures just for her and actually have fun as well.

Then the day came when Jordan proposed and I was so happy for her!!!! And I was even more excited when Janna asked me to do their engagement pictures and their wedding! I was so joyful and honored to be asked and that I would get to be a part of such an important time in their lives.

Once again while taking their engagement pictures, even though it was a cold day, we had a lot of fun! Both of them trusted me with the vision I had and that is priceless. 

I am so looking forward to July because it’s going to be even more amazing of a day!