Peachtree Club Wedding in Atlanta Georgia

Maria and John’s Wedding

What an incredible day it was for Maria and John! Their elegant Wedding held 28 stories high at The Atlanta Peachtree Club was definitely an unforgettable day. As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture every moment, but I will say, some moments really touch my heart. One of those moments on their wedding day was to see how much John loved Maria. I just admire that he wasn’t afraid to show it and his raw true emotion was so sweet to capture.

I really love capturing different cultures, Latin definitely being one of my favorites because I was born in Colombia and it takes me back to the latin family, culture and dancing!

I also felt so loved by Maria’s family and it was like I already knew them since I had photographed her cousin’s wedding the year before.

I’m so happy for Maria and John and I beyond excited to follow their journey as husband and wife!

The first touch was just so sweet and incredibly intimate moment for Maria and John

Hora Loca was so much fun as everybody danced to Latin music and showed their Venezuelan Pride and Joy