7 Fun Long Veil Ideas for Pictures – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I LOVE photographing cathedral length veils on wedding days! A cathedral veil extends beyond the length of the bride’s gown. But don’t let the word cathedral make you think that they are only for big church weddings. Cathedral veils are good for any wedding as long as you love the style and make it fit well with your dress and theme. They are so fun and add some unique characteristics to your wedding day photography. Cathedral veils also make a statement and photograph really well because there is so many different options to photographing it along with your dress and all your other accessories. Remember, you don’t have to wear it the whole day. You can choose to use it for one of these or all as you wish: your getting ready photos, photos with your bridesmaids, during the ceremony and for your bride and groom portraits. Most brides will remove their veil right before their reception starts. This will allow you to move freely during the dances and not step all over your veil or it get caught on something.

1. Make it fly:

Probably my favorite one to use! Not all cathedral veils are made the same so be sure you choose the one that is right for you. I recommend the lighter ones because not only do they put less weight on your head, but they will flow so easily. There’s some veils that are heavily beaded or have a ticker material and they don’t make great flying veils.

2. Wrap it around

As an Atlanta wedding photographer I love to use different compositions so that it will add a unique look to your wedding gallery. When I wrap the veil around the front of my camera, it creates a leading line in the image that will lead you where the focus should be, and that is my couple.

3. Over the Head and Under the Veil

Cathedral veils are long enough to put them over my couples heads and block out everything in the back. It pulls the attention solely on my couple and creates intimacy in the pictures.

4. Over the Head and Through the Veil

Once again I place the veil over my couple’s heads, but this time I photograph through the veil. This also creates intimacy in pictures but in a more private matter and it enables you to focus more on emotion.

5. Make a Train

You may think, well doesn’t most dresses already have a train? And the answer is yes. But with the cathedral veils you can extend the train and add more of a dramatic look to your photos.

6. Over the Stairs

Cathedral veils stand out as it is, but photographing them over a stairway, will showcase it’s beauty and length even more.

7. With your Bridesmaids

A cathedral veil is long enough to where it can be shared with your bridesmaids to hold and fluff during pictures. I always tell my bridesmaids that we are going to act like the bride is Cinderella and the bridesmaids are all the helpers assisting her in getting ready and look stunning for her wedding day. This always creates fun pictures

I hope this post will help you decide if a long cathedral veil is right for you. If it is, you now have some great ideas on how the veil can contribute to some amazing wedding photos!

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding day, I would love to make your wedding day come alive through the moments captured. Simply contact me and I’ll be in touch soon!