An Intimate Wedding at Red Top Mountain – Acworth Wedding Photographer

Peter and Caroline’s Wedding was very intimate with only their closest family members of about 20 people. That’s exactly how they wanted their wedding day to be, and I can see why.

There was no rush! They both wanted to do their bride and groom portraits before the ceremony. So about one hour before, they showed up ready for pictures and they looked fabulous! I was already familiar with the area because I love being outdoors and exploring parks, so I knew exactly where I wanted to take them for pictures. I guided them through the path behind the visitor center at Red Top Mountain and a dock by the lake that worked perfectly for pictures! It was a rainy day and the ground was wet, so Peter carried Caroline through a short grass area to get to the next path so her heels wouldn’t dig into the ground. It worked out perfectly because the rest of the walking had a path they could walk on. This allowed them not to get dirty before the ceremony, but still allowed for some stunning photos!

While I was taking their pictures, I really admired the love that they shared for each other. It was truly something special and I’m glad they let that love out. Those are always my favorite moments, when they forget that I am there, and they focus on each other and the love they share.

When we went back to the visitor center where they were having their ceremony, I went ahead and took all the pictures they wanted with their family that was present. There was no pressure that the ceremony needed to start, just a fun time with family enjoying the moment.

Caroline and Peter decided they wanted to walk in together for their ceremony, so they stepped behind the double doors and when the music started, they walked in together and following behind was the sweet ring bearer.

During the ceremony, once again the love and joy for one another was shinning through. Then the pastor asked all the family that was present to come and pray for them. Talk about tears of joy as they celebrated Peter and Caroline’s Union and God’s faithfulness. Even though I was photographing the whole time, I felt the presence of God in that room so strongly. My favorite picture is that of Peter’s mom as they each took turns to pray. She had a tear rolling down her cheek. As a mom myself, I felt that joy and thankfulness towards the Lord for that moment. I’m sure she had spent years and countless times praying for her children to find that person that God had for them.

After the ceremony, Peter and Caroline thanked everyone and Peter gave his testimony of how amazing God had been to him by answering his prayers and by exceedingly giving him more than he could ever ask for or imagine.

After their speech, I left because my time was up, but I left with a full heart from experiencing such peace and unity in two families as they came together to celebrate and worship God for His goodness. I could not have asked for a better day!

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