Halia and Haven’s Bedroom – From Cribs to Twin Beds

It’s so crazy to believe that my little babies are little girls! Ah! It happens too fast. And although I absolutely love this age, I know it’s going to go by way too fast as well!

My girls are now 3 and 1/2 years old and I knew it was time to move them to twin beds because not only were they of age, but I had been training them to stay in their cribs for about a year with the toddler training clock. This clock turns green wherever it’s time for them to get out of bed. If they wake up a little earlier, they will stay in their beds waiting for the clock to turn green. This particular clock also has a name which is Mella. So when it’s time for bed Mella will close her eyes, and when it’s time to wake up, she’ll open her eyes. 

The reason I decided to go with twin size beds instead of toddler beds, is because I didn’t want to invest two different times on buying a toddler bed and then turning around and buying twin beds in a couple of years. I decided to invest in better quality beds that were non toxic as well. I got their mattresses from Bear Mattress which I absolutely love, and I got their beds from Max & Lily. What I love about Max & Lily is that not only are they great quality, but they also had side rails and since I moved them from a crib to a taller bed, I wanted to make sure they were safe and not fall off their beds in the middle of the night.

I let the girls pick their own comforters. Halia chose the ladybug one because she loves ladybugs and all kids of bugs. Haven chose the owl comforter because she loves the rainbow colors. I added the canopies on top of each bed to give it a more princess feel and the flower frames that were in their previous room since they go with the theme. I put the rainbow baby mobile on Haven’s side since she loves rainbow colors and the pink one on Halia’s side since she’s always preferred the color pink.

I made the two baby mobiles that are hanging up by hand when I was waiting to get pregnant. I also made the butterfly frames on the wall my hand out of paper with the scriptures in the background. 

I knew and believed that God was not only going to give me another child after the loss of Honesty Noel, but He was going to bless me with twins and I hung on to this promise for dear life until it came into fruition. 

Crafting was very therapeutic during my time of mourning Honesty and also during my time waiting for the twins. Making crafts for my future twin’s bedroom was a way of keeping my hope alive and my faith activated. 

The girl’s were so excited for their new beds and and they adjusted the first night. They were ready for the change and they love being able to have each others company. 

Halia chose the ladybug comforter since she loves ladybugs!

The canopies add a princess look while adding a secure feel to their beds.

Haven chose the owl comforter because she loves rainbow colors.

Up close picture of the butterflies I made by hand out of paper and I took copies of the bible pages to use for the background.

I made the butterfly baby mobile out of paper as well by hand.

I saw this bird in a dream one morning and that’s when I knew I would have twins one day. The rainbow colors signifies God’s promise.

This baby mobile was my first crafting project that I made after Honesty passed when I stared crafting.

The different colored butterfly frames. I love bright colors for decorating the twin’s bedroom. I feel like it brings life into the room!