7 Tips for Conquering Your Extended Family Session

Preparing for an extended family photography session requires some thought and planning to ensure you capture beautiful and meaningful images. Here’s 7 tips for conquering your extended family session and how to prepare:

1. Coordinate Outfits:

  • Coordinate the family’s outfits to create a cohesive and visually appealing look without being too matchy-matchy.
    • Choose a color scheme: Pick a few complementary colors that everyone can incorporate into their outfits.
    • Communicate in a group text about the colors you’ve picked so they go well together and so that you won’t have too much of one color.
    • Avoid bright neon colors and busy patterns, as they can distract from the people in the photos.
    • Layering can add depth and texture to the photos, so consider adding jackets, scarves, or accessories.
    • Make sure outfits are comfortable and allow for movement, especially for kids.

2. Make a List of Groupings:

  • Extended family sessions can have a lot of people in one place. That will make it harder for everyone to remember which groupings of pictures were done and which ones were not. Example: just mom and dad, sibblings together, picture of each child by themselves. Have each family make a list of groupings and email them to me or bring it with you so that I can get all the shots everyone was hoping for.

3. Avoid Logos and Branding:

  • Ask family members to avoid wearing clothing with visible logos or branding, as they can be distracting in photos.

4. Grooming, Hair and Skin:

  • Plan to get haircuts and grooming a few days before the session, so everyone looks their best.
  • Avoid spray tans. Cameras pick up red and orange more than the eye does in person and it enhances the tan skin to look more on the orange side

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes:

  • Often times during any family session, we will be doing a little bit of walking to find the perfect backdrop for your extended family pictures. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and you can always change to dressier shoes once we get to the area. If you have a family member that can’t do a lot of walking, make sure to communicate with me so I can plan with the perfect location.

6. Relax and Have Fun:

  • The most important thing is to relax and have fun during the session. Natural and candid moments often make the best photos, so enjoy the time together as a family. Extended family sessions is like a family reunion so embrace the time that you are together all at once and you can even go out for dinner afterwards.

7. Be Patient:

  • I will capture individual families together and any other grouping that you are wanting like just siblings, or parents by themselves. Be patient as it may take some time taking turns an getting the perfect shots and the session may last a little longer than a regular family session.
7 Tips for Conquering Your Extended Family Session

Remember that the most important aspect of an extended family photography session is capturing the love and connection between family members. With careful planning and coordination, you can create lasting memories through beautiful photographs. I hope you enjoyed my 7 Tips for Conquering Your Extended Family Session. If you are interested in a family session, I’d love to be a part of capturing those very special moments of you and your family. You can contact me here and I’ll be in touch very soon!