Natalya’s Princess Style Photoshoot


When Natalya sent me an email about her 16th birthday pictures and said that she wanted a princess themed photo session, I was ecstatic! I just love big flowy dresses so much! Perhaps because I’m a wedding photographer and I adore big dresses, or perhaps it’s the princess in me. I think all of us have a princess inside of us too. 

Natalya’s idea to celebrate her birthday was awesome! I mean, it can’t get better than finding a place that literally looks like a castle while enjoying looking for dresses and imagining yourself as a princess.

Natalya spent some time looking for the right place and she found Berry Collage. When she told me about it I was so happy that they had opened up to the public once again as they had been closed for a while due to covid 19.

Natalya showed up with her mom and I was so pleased to meet her too! She was so sweet and supportive towards her daughter’s vision.

It was team work between Natalya’s mom Jamie and I to help her get dressed and tie her dresses in the back. It all worked out really great and I think all of us enjoyed the photo session. At the end of the session as the sun set, I took a picture of Natalya and her mom to preserve the memory of that day.

One of my favorite pictures to capture that day was when Jamie was helping Natalya do some wardrobe adjustments. Natalya is super ticklish so she was cracking up! It was so cute and funny!

Yes Natalya’s dresses, photoshoot, area for shooting was stunning, but the behind the scenes pictures of Natalya and her mom will make the best of memories that they will cherish forever and those are my favorite moments too.

I posted some pictures of Natalya and her mom towards the end.

And some behind the scenes of Natalya and her sweet mom ❤️

So ticklish ?