Abigail and Thomas’s Wedding at The Farmhouse at 30542

Spring was coming, life was normal and Abigail and Thomas were about to get married soon. But then the unexpected happened! Covid hit us all by surprise and not only was their wedding cancelled, but millions of weddings upon the globe. 

A lot of times during times like these it is very hard to see the good and also to wonder if things will ever be the same. 

But one thing for sure is that Abigail and Thomas did not let covid get in the way of the love they felt for each other. They got married shortly after and decided to wait on the wedding.

I’m a big believer in timing I think that if we wait good things happen like the Word says, good things come to those who wait James 5: 7-11. Sometimes waiting is really hard, but most times waiting turns out better.

And for Abigail and Thomas waiting was sure worth it! Waiting for the day that they would get to celebrate their love with friends and family!

And when that day came, it was spectacular! It was a beautiful day out, the weather was perfect and people were not scared anymore and hiding in fear because of Covid or not talking to one another. It was actually a day that was full of unity and love and communion with one another. 

It almost felt normal. Like yes there was still a pandemic going on but more importantly there was light again at the end of the tunnel.

The venue at The Farmhouse at 30542 was so beautiful! I loved the many options it offers for couple’s portraits and also loved how the dance floor was outside allowing the sun to shine through on dance pictures. I also loved how much open space it had and so many trees and nature which I’m a big fan of.

Abigail ended up changing into a gorgeous Chinese dress after the first dance and we got an epic end of the night portrait with the pasture behind them.

I was super blessed to be able to capture this day and so many memories, learn different cultures, and see that love conquers all. There were so many beautiful moments that I can’t post them all but I posted just the highlights of the day!