7 Location Ideas around Atlanta

1. Green Meadows Preserve:

Located in Marietta on Dallas Highway is one of my favorite spots because it’s very versatile and good for every season. It has lots of nature, trails, open field, tall grass, a little white house and flowers depending on the season.

2. Downtown Marietta:

If you are wanting something unique and different from nature, Downtown Marietta has some unique areas that bring color into your pictures and a downtown feel. They even have a beautiful fountain at the square.

3. Life University:

is a collage that has a historic area with a wooden path, a creek, a mill with a waterfall, stone walls and a couple of bridges. They will even have flowers depending on the season.

4. Berry Collage:

Another collage that looks like a castle offering an amazing background and it also has areas of lined up trees and even places for a great sunset view.

5. Piedmont Park:

Located in the heart of Atlanta, is a huge park with so many different places to take photos from a lake view, to the city view of Atlanta, to lots of nature and paths.

6. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:

A white building with the background of downtown Atlanta makes for some fun engagement photos, but the best part is heading over to Jackson Street Bridge which is very close by for an epic downtown Atlanta view.

7. Arabia Mountain:

Prepare for a little hike but it’s worth it because it’s a beautiful mountain with a great view from the top and it’s covered in stones. There’s also a white barn near by with an open field that make for some great photos. But I personally love the tall grass better than the barn but it may not always be available. The pictures at the very top of the Mountain have more of a sunset feel to them and in September there’s thousands of beautiful yellow flowers.