Berry Collage in Northwest Atlanta Engagement Photos

When I talked to Emily and Billy on the phone for their wedding day photography consultation, we connected really well and ended up laughing and having a great conversation as if we had already known each other.

When the day came to take their engagement pictures, they were full of smiles the moment they got out of the car. As I got to know them more, I knew they had great personalities and were not afraid to let out who they truly were. They loved acting goofy and laughing at each other! And that’s what I absolutely love to capture, is when my couples can be themselves and their personalities come out. And you know what? Those were some of their favorite photos that will be just for them to see!

And the location was AMAZING! That’s why I love being an Atlanta engagement photographer in the Northwest area because Berry Collage is such a beautiful place to take pictures in and even with the drive is so beautiful and peaceful! My top favorite place for Atlanta engagement photography for sure!

I am so looking forward to their wedding day on April fools next year!