Engagement Photos at Arabian Mountain

Arabia mountain is an amazing place to take engagement photos in Atlanta. At the end of September when I took Tiffany and Giscard’s photos, I was amazed to see Arabia Mountain had so many beautiful yellow flowers. The craziest part was that my couple’s outfits complimented these flowers so perfectly. And the best part: it was completely unplanned. We had no idea those flowers would be there. If you know me you know I love nature and specially flowers so I was very excited!

Since Arabia Mountain view is up high, it’s best to take pictures at the top right before sunset. If not the light will be too harsh for my taste. So in the meantime while we waited to get closer to sunset, I used Vaughters Farm as our beginning location. It has a white barn and an open field, but my favorite part for pictures was the tall grass, a large pine tree, and the sunset behind!

Tiffany’s wedding will be in January. It might be in the dead of winter, but I have a feeling that Tiffany and Giscard’s love will make the day shine brightly. Just like their engagement photos!