5 Tips for a Safe Newborn Photo Session

As a newborn and family photographer, I know that safety is the number one priority when it comes to newborn photo sessions. I want to provide the best care for my clients and their newborns, and I follow some simple steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Here are 5 tips to follow in order to have a safe baby photoshoot:

Tip #1: Use both hands

It’s important to always hold the baby with both hands and one hand is always supporting the baby’s neck. Baby’s neck muscles aren’t fully developed and strong till they are about 6 months old. Also if you pose the baby on the bed or another high area, always have an extra set of hands close by as a spotter for the baby as an extra precaution.

Tip #2: Use safe props for the baby

Newborns are fragile, so using safe photo props is important. Do not use any props with sharp edges or points that could hurt the infant and use soft materials for their sensitive skin. That’s why I love the simplicity of my studio because I don’t use props, just a blanket to swaddle the baby and I lay them on the bed or a bean bag with a soft blanket under them.

Tip #3: Pictures with Siblings

I like to get pictures of the newborn and the siblings but that may not always be possible. I always ask the parent first if they are comfortable with the sibling holding the baby. That also depends if the sibling is mature and old enough. If they are younger, I normally like to pose them lying down as it seems to be the safest option. If they are a little bit older, I can also have the child sit leaning on a wall for more stability and place the newborn in their hands with a parent close by as a spotter.

Tip #4: Newborn Posing

I really admire the creative baby posing that I have seen on the internet, but that type of posing often takes a lot of assistance and well perhaps some risks. Babies are fragile and meant to be cared for and protected and that’s why I don’t like to use unnatural posing. I love to do gentle posing with a simple swaddle which puts the baby in a natural position like being in the womb. Once the baby is asleep, I will expose the hands and feet so I can capture all those details as well. When posing a newborn, you should always be aware of not making the swaddle too tight, and leaving some room around the neck area.

Tip #5: Clean and Sanitize

As a professional Atlanta newborn photographer, I always keep my studio environment comfortable for the baby. I don’t want to overheat or chill them, as this can cause discomfort. Baby’s do like to feel warm and cozy and that helps make them sleepy.

I always clean the studio before each session and all the blankets and swaddles are washed and dried with a non toxic and gentle detergent.

The first thing I do before holding the baby is wash my hands really well, and I always wear a mask.

As a mom of twins that were born prematurely and in the NICU for 6 weeks, I understand the importance of keeping a clean environment for the baby. Those first few months are critical in keeping the baby safe until they become stronger.

I hope you found these tips helpful! For more information, please read my other blogs and don’t hesitate to contact me for a newborn photo session.