Top 5 luxury wedding venues in Atlanta

Selecting the perfect place to tie the knot can be challenging, especially when you want to find a spot featuring everything you have imagined for your special day. If you plan to begin your love story in Atlanta, you should know that you have various options. 

If you are aiming for a dreamy and luxurious place, I have selected a few wedding venues in Atlanta that might ease up your choice. These places are perfect for elegant and magical unions, making your big day look like a fairytale.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel

If you are looking for magnificent, jaw-dropping views and opulent ambiance, this is one of the luxury wedding venues to consider. The Four Seasons Hotel offers fascinating scenery for an effortless bridal setting, so if you are aiming for a storybook appearance, you have just come across your best option. This is one of the best wedding venues in Atlanta, with a stunning ballroom featuring wonderful tray ceilings and gorgeous lighting. 

  1. The Estate by Legendary Events

The Estate is known as one of the top wedding venues in Atlanta due to its fascinating outdoor space- perfect for a romantic ceremony. This charming mansion is located in the heart of Buckhead, characterized by elegance and historical background. Couples who want a blend of history and modernity in their luxury wedding should absolutely consider this gorgeous venue.

  1. Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead

Opt for a Japanese-inspired setting when you want something unique and authentic included in your big day. The Grand Hyatt Atlanta offers everything from lush ballrooms to breathtaking terraces- including Zen gardens. This is one of the best wedding venues in Atlanta that has it all, giving you a wide range of options. 

The splendid scenery isn’t everything that this place can offer. The Grand Hyatt Atlanta is known for its delightful menus, perfect for your luxury wedding. Plus, it is the ideal place for taking spectacular bridal photographs. 

  1. The Swan House Gardens   

If you want to add a dramatic effect to your celebration, then this historical place is the perfect place for your love story. The Swan House Gardens are genuinely magical with their gorgeous terraced lawns and magnificent tiered fountains. This is one of the wedding venues in Atlanta that gives you the feeling that you are exchanging your vows in some Italian garden from the previous century. 

  1. The Ritz-Carlton

When sophistication is your main goal, then The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta should be your number one choice. You will not regret booking one of the top luxury wedding venues for your big day, as this hotel guarantees one of the greatest settings for grand celebrations. An outstanding ballroom, fascinating lighting, and delightful food are everything you need for your lavish event!

These are some of the most prestigious and magnificent wedding venues in Atlanta, so whichever you choose, I am sure you’ll not regret it! I hope my recommendations will help you pick the venue of your dreams and have the union you deserve.

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