Tips to focus on When Starting Your Wedding Planning

Once you start going through your wedding planning checklist, you may feel like a million things need to be done, and you don’t have enough time to finish them all. If this is something you’re dealing with right now, I’m glad to present this list of five essential wedding planning tips to help you focus on what’s most important!

Start with a vision board

It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed, thinking, “How can I manage to plan my wedding?”. The first step to make this whole process easier is creating a vision board. Gather photos and design inspiration representing your style and theme, then put all those images together on one big poster board or canvas. This will help you visualize your big day and keep things organized as you move forward with the planning process.

Figure out your guest list

Once you have a vision board, the next on the list of wedding planning tips is to make a list of everyone you want to invite. This will help you determine the venue size you need to book and how much money to set aside for your budget. Sit down and make a list of all of the people who are important in your life, then decide who you can’t have your big celebration without.

Think about your budget

Whether you’re planning a small, intimate celebration or a big, elaborate one, your budget will be one of the most important things to include in your wedding planning checklist. No matter what kind of budget you have in mind, it’s essential to stay realistic about your expectations.

You should also consider the cost of travel and lodging for out-of-town guests, or any special items you want to incorporate into your ceremony or reception decor.

Pick your venue

The next from the list of wedding planning tips is finding a venue. If you’re not working with a wedding coordinator or planner, you’ll need to be extra careful during this step. You should be looking for a place that fits your vision and budget. There are so many options for venues these days – from outdoor locations like parks and beaches to indoor spaces like banquet halls and restaurants. Finding the perfect venue shouldn’t be too hard with all these options.

Once you make your choice, schedule a tour of the place. You’ll want to know whether the venue will fit all of your guests, how much it charges for different events, and whether or not there’s an additional cost for things like tables and chairs or decorations.

Find Vendors

Searching for vendors is the next step of your planning process. For example, hiring a professional photographer is a good choice if you wish to have candid memories from your big day. You should also search for a florist, catering service, hair and makeup artist, and a DJ or a band that will be in charge of the music.

I hope these five wedding planning tips will help you stay focused on the most important aspects of your planning! Check out my other blogs and contact me for more information about how I can capture the essence of your wedding seamlessly.