Maternity Session In Studio – Dallas Georgia Maternity Photographer

Maternity sessions can be exhausting! It can literally feel like you are exercising at times. And with the unpredictable weather that can make it even more challenging because you don’t get to decide what season your maternity pictures will be in. It can be super hot, really cold and raining nonstop. That’s why maternity sessions in studio are always a good choice or a back up plan. We were going to do Mark and Trinh’s maternity pictures in my studio plus outside but the weather went from a nice sunny day, to a cloudy and cold one so Trinh decided to do all her pictures in the studio. 

I just can’t believe that these two are the first couple I ever photographed in my business! They believed in me before I had the chance to prove to them that I could give them good pictures.

And after their first couples pictures, they have came to me over and over again and recommended me as well. That is literally right there and I feel so honored!

And now they are expecting their first little one!!! I am so excited to keep capturing this  growing family and I am so excited to meet baby Ethan and to watch him grow!