Graduation Pictures at Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw Photographer

I have known Ashley for years now and when I first met her, she was just a little girl. I met Ashley’s mom Heather at Cessna Aircraft in Kansas when I worked there in 2007. But during the recession in 2009, thousands of aircraft workers along with many other people across the USA got laid off, including myself. During that time Lockheed Martin was hiring so they were taking the opportunity to hire a lot of the employees that were laid off from Cessna because they wanted to hire people with experience. Lockheed Martin is located in Marietta Ga, and Georgia has now been my home ever since. Lockheed Martin hired me and many others from Cessna including Heather. When we moved to Georgia, it was like starting a new life! I was thankful that my mom and my sister moved to Georgia as well, but everything I knew and had know was left behind.

Life was so different in Georgia from living in a small town most of my life. Even though I was born in Bogota Colombia, I lived in Kansas longer than any other place. It took some adjustment, but I absolutely fell in love with Georgia. I love nature, and all the trees, waterfalls, and outdoor places to explore was a dream for me.

Heather and I didn’t talk much at Cessna but when we moved to Georgia, we developed a friendship and we started exploring as many areas as we could in Georgia.

Years later now, it’s hard to believe that Ashley is graduating from collage. It just takes me back to how little she was when we moved to Georgia. But I am so honored to have the privilege to see her grow and transform into a beautiful, kind and hard working young woman!