Maternity Family Studio Photoshoot

Haley and Quan had a maternity family studio photoshoot due to the weather being really cold outside. One thing I told Haley about having a photoshoot outside when it’s cold, it’s that kids don’t do well in the cold. It’s hard to get them to cooperate and they are grumpy most of the time because of course they are cold! And that also means that they have to wear their coat the whole time.

So Haley decided that it was best to do a maternity family studio photoshoot instead. And I am glad she did!

I have photographed Haley’s family pictures since the beginning of their wedding and first pregnancy. I photographed Haley and Quan’s wedding day, Jeremiah’s newborn pictures, Easter pictures for Jeremiah and now I had the honor to photograph Haley’s maternity pictures! And I’m so excited to photograph her baby as well in just a few weeks!

I will say that is one of the biggest things that I enjoy as a photographer. Being able to see families flourish and grow! I feel like I become a little piece of their family and I just love it when the kids remember me and call me Jo Jo which is my easily pronounced nick name.

I am so excited for this family and for all the beautiful moments that I get to continue to capture for them!

maternity indoor studio photoshoot
maternity indoor photoshoot
Maternity Family Studio Photoshoot
Maternity Family Studio Photoshoot couple
Maternity Family Studio Photoshoot with 3 year old
Maternity white Studio Photoshoot