Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – Baby Liam

I just love being a lifestyle newborn photographer because I get to photograph my clients in the comfort of their home and there is no rush on when the photos should be taken. Typically the first couple of months. Another thing I love about being a lifestyle newborn photographer is that the photo sessions are more relaxed and natural. You can have your baby wear a cute little outfit and the baby can either be awake or asleep. And even better, both! I have always liked to photograph babies when they are awake if I get the change because that’s what I would want if that were me.

And let me tell you about this family! I just adore them! Ashley and I have shared some trials together, so it was so good to see the goodness of God in her life and her family with my own eyes as I photographed this session. I think it’s moments like these that make us more appreciative to the things and the people that we have in our lives.

Ashley and Leandro are also owners of Grace Flooring and they are amazing! I know this because I used them to do the flooring in our home. They did the whole upstairs and downstairs and my photography studio as well. I dreamed for so long to finally have my dream floors and they made that dream come to life!

If you are looking for a lifestyle newborn photographer, I would love to be a part of your journey! You can message me here and I will be in touch very soon!

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