Piedmont Room Wedding and Cator Woolford Gardens

Cleopatra and Mike’s Wedding

What an amazing Piedmont Room Wedding it was for Cleopatra and Mike! 

As an Atlanta wedding photographer, Atlanta weddings are a lot of fun because there can be a lot of variety from the downtown streets, to the skyline views, to the many beautiful parks in the city. 

From the very beginning of talking to Cleo on the phone, she knew she wanted a lot of  Bride and Groom portrait time. So she chose the Cator Woolford Gardens which is a historic hidden gem in Atlanta for their first look, and her wedding was at the Piedmont Room and it is connected to Piedmont Park which is a huge park located in the heart of Atlanta that also makes for some amazing pictures and the view of Atlanta skyline.

So if you are looking for wedding venues in Atlanta Ga the Piedmont Room did not disappoint. Not only did it have a beautiful park connected to it, but the area where the ceremony was held had so many big windows letting in lots of beautiful natural light for some amazing wedding, family formals and reception pictures. And let me tell you about the food! It was out of this world! One of the best meals I’ve ever had.

But of course the best part for me was working with Cleo and Mike and I felt so honored on how they trusted me from the very beginning, had me capture their engagement photos and when Cleo would call me to talk about the wedding plans, it was like talking to a friend.

Congratulations to these beautiful couple and their forever love!