A Fun Spring Wedding at Rose Hall Event Center – Dallas Wedding Venue

One of the things that I love about Rose Hall Event Center Is that no matter the season, the scenery is always flattering for pictures. This wedding was on April fools day, and not much had bloomed yet. But there was still plenty of greenery and nature. My favorite part about this spring wedding day’s scenery, was this beautiful blooming tree with white flowers. Those made for some of my favorite pictures of the day. 

I’ve been a preferred vendor at Rose Hall for a few years now and I have captured so many weddings there. But even though I’ve captured wedding pictures in the same venue over and over, it never looks the same. That’s because the seasons change and the lighting changes as well depending on the weather conditions and time of the day. Also because I always arrive early and take the time to look around at what’s changed, what’s blooming and what are the best areas for pictures based on season, lighting and scenery. Then I make a plan on where I want to capture pictures and take the time to get creative. 

I took Emily and Billy’s Engagement session at Berry Collage, and it was truly a blast. They were such a fun and goofy couple. They loved to joke around and their relationship was filled with laughter.

It was that day that I understood why they had chosen to have their wedding on April Fools day. Once we got closer to their wedding day, Emily texted me letting me know that she was planning to do a prank on Billy on their wedding day, and that he was planning one as well. They knew they would prank each other, but it was a secret on what it would be. 

Emily said she wanted to switch places for the first look and have Billy’s brother instead dressed up in a wedding dress. I seen this type of prank before on the internet and I was so thrilled that I would get to be a part of capturing it in real life!

Billy’s prank was very sneaky. He had the bridesmaids wear funny teeth during the bridal party portraits. Emily had no idea that happened till the reception when a wedding guest spilled the beans! Billy was hoping to keep it a secret till she seen the pictures when the gallery was delivered, but the secret prank did not make it long.

Besides the funny pranks and Billy and Emily’s fun personalities, they surprised everyone during their first dance. They were quite the dancers! Everyone was in awe as they danced like two professional dancers. It was one of the best couple dances I’ve ever seen. 

I am beyond thankful for this couple that trusted me with their engagement session and allowed themselves to come out. To capture their wedding day and even their secret pranks. Trust is truly the best gift that my clients can give me because it makes my creativity and confidence grow even further! 

I hope you enjoy the fun aspects of this spring wedding. If you are interested in wedding photography for your unique wedding day, I would be trilled to hear from you!

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Bridesmaid pictures
First look prank with groom's brother
Spring wedding